Today’s guest post (and video) is by Lisa Gerber.

It’s Facebook question of the week time (clap, clap, clap)!

I’m coming to you from my deck at Schweitzer Mountain outside of Sandpoint, Idaho…and I have a guest appearance I think you’ll enjoy seeing!

Today’s question comes from Barry Silver. Barry is a long-time Spin Sucks reader, the inventor of the name Gin and Topics, and a good friend.

He also is a Chicagoan (sort of – if you count Rockford as part of greater Chicagoland) and he blogs at A Life Well Lived Concludes with a Smile, where he discusses social media, happiness, life-affirmation, marketing, and some search.

He asks:

Google’s latest announcement about guided search results is certainly generating some buzz. Google does make me Googley -eyed but if memory serves me Emperor Gates and Darth Zuckerberg had a similar arrangement with Bing displaying search results for FB friends (at least that’s what I thought I heard on radio). What is the difference btwn the two situations (outside of well, Google) given the relative quiet with the Bing/FB collaboration what are the ramifications for Google?

Wait. What’s a Bing?

All kidding aside, Yes, Bing and Facebook do have an agreement. It was forged in late 2010, in order to become dominate in social search and try to beat Google.

I discuss the similarities and differences in the deal.

I said in the video everyone is trying to be mediocre at everything, and being really good at nothing. But I meant, everyone is being mediocre. They don’t even have to try.

The video with my answer to Barry’s question follows (if you can’t see it in your Reader, click here and it’ll magically appear).

You can check out the Don’t Be Evil bookmarklet here, and catch Molli Megasko’s post earlier this week on Google Search Plus Your World debate.

Do you agree the web is being homogenized and therefore our experience is being diluted?