Blog written by Angela Loiacono

The current story regarding Gina Gershon and a Vanity Fair piece, which paints a picture of an affair with Bill Clinton, is the picture perfect example of spin.

The article, which says that Gershon had been “visiting” Clinton, clearly implies an affair between the two.  Gershon calls the piece a “crazy, outrageous lie” and is up in arms about the ordeal.

So, how do a few simple words translate into an affair with the former President? It’s easy. A little spin here, a little spin there, and next things you know, headlines are everywhere.

Articles such as these are easily distorted, and you need no further explanation on how this fits into the realm of spin. But here’s my real question. Is all the reporting on the piece only adding to the problem?  Is my blog entry *gasp* just making things worse?

You tell me.