It is difficult not to become outraged when reading the article reporting that John Thain; CEO at Merrill Lynch spent $1.2 million to lavishly decorate his office early last year while the firm was fighting to survive and that he also doled out executive bonuses a month ahead of schedule; days before the struggling Merrill Lynch firm was acquired by Bank of America. 

The United States is experiencing difficult times right now with many Americans losing their job, home and their life savings while Mr. Thain spent more to decorate his office than most Americans spend to purchase their home.  When raising children they are taught accountability and consequences — Mr. Thain should be held accountable and there should be consequences; not just his resignation.

I am starting to see how our country got into this mess but more important, so that history doesn’t repeat itself…an immediate plan needs to be put in place to track how the bailout money is being spent.