There are many blogs out there that all say the same thing.  Here at FADS we believe in bringing out the silliness and addressing what should have been addressed in the first place, so readers like you can see the other side and maybe have the opportunity to think twice before believing something. 

We did a little survey from PR professionals here in-house to get their definition of spin.

“Spin is creating a false sense of newsworthiness; it’s often negatively opportunistic and makes other PR pros shake their heads.”

“To me “spin” means disrespect for the listener, viewer, or reader.”

“In PR, we are often accused of spinning issues.  But a PR practitioner’s job is just the opposite of spin — we help our clients communicate their core values and initiatives more clearly.”

What are your thoughts on spin?

At FADS we don’t just repeat what we hear in the news.  We dig and get to the bottom of a spinning situation.  If something funny is up, we write about.  And if you hear about something funny going on, contact us and we’ll make certain a post is made.

We can change the world one blog post at a time.  — Molli Megasko