Blog written by Thomas Short

According to Rob the Bouncer, author of Clublife, New York City is experiencing a new drug on the streets. Yes I couldn’t believe my own eyes while reading about the news coverage lately on the abuse of Preparation H. There is only one thing that comes to mind when I think of the medical treatment and that’s that the cream goes where the sun doesn’t shine. Guys that don’t have time to go home and lather up after work instead are rubbing Preparation H all over their torsos to allow them to seem ripped for the ladies in the club. Now I am no expert, but doesn’t Preparation H smell? The treatment soaks up water from the body and swollen areas to allow the muscles to be more defined and visual to the human eye. Body builders, actors, and actresses all have been known to use the treatment for given reasons in their professions for emergencies and touch-ups.
I agree this is a fascinating story and very out of the ordinary, but how many teens or club hoppers are going to try this out with the increased media coverage  lately; talk show, Mike & Juliet, Fox News, ABC News, YouTube, and the list doesn’t stop there. You name it and the new use of Preparation H is on there. There has yet to be any major side effects, but if you grew up in the 90’s and caught the episode of Save By The Bell where the characters came up with their own acne cream, yeah their faces turned maroon. Is Preparation H using the mass amount of coverage to their advantage? It’s almost like a PR campaign that they never asked for or is it?

Media outlets need to take an opportunity now that they have had their fun exploiting how kids are using the medical cream, and concentrate on how this is not the intended use for Preparation H. Losing mass amounts of water, pouring in alcohol, dancing, sweating, do you see where I am going with this sentence? Yeah, I see bar stars passing out on the dance floor, not because of drugs, but Preparation H.
Crisis communication for Preparation H!!!