When I was in college, I learned that nothing gave you a better buzz than drinking after a run. But I never suspected that guzzling beer could be good for me.

According to a Spanish research study, a beer after exercise could do you more good than drinking water. This study 100 percent validates my lifelong dream to move to Spain. Taking siestas, drinking after workouts, lying on the beach…but I digress.

Before you start pounding back the PBR, I’d better mention that the study is on some seriously shaky ground. The Spanish researchers’ test subjects were a group of 25 college students, a small sample, and one arguably more accustomed to metabolizing beer than the population as a whole. After a ridiculously strenuous workout, half the group got water, the other half beer. The study found the hydrating effects of those who guzzled beer were “slightly better” than those who drank water. Articles went on to report that the beer’s carbon dioxide (bubbles!) helped quench thirst more quickly.

This study doesn’t come close to passing the sniff test. Alcohol DEHYDRATES you. When news stations like FOX News  publish this kind of study, it’s no wonder Americans don’t know what’s good for them anymore. As much as I might like a beer after a run, I’d rather read credible research than fool myself into thinking it does a body good. — Brigitte Lyons