When I was in journalism school, I came across a thread of emails on an alumni listerv debating the ethics of doctoring photos in PhotoShop prior to publication.  Most considered it as unethical as doctoring quotes.  Unless, of course, we are talking about trashy celeb magazines; then the rules appeared to be a little more bendable.

Another parallel is emerging with social media. While blogs give everyone a chance to tell stories and voice opinions, cell phones and digital cameras have incited citizen photojournalism, as well.  In fact, Yahoo and Reuters have begun to post pics submitted by amateur photographers.

This trend might strike fear into the hearts of struggling photojournalists everywhere. But if the pros are debating the ethics of doctoring photos, and the bloggers and camera-phoners are simply calling them as they see them, so-to-speak, who has the better handle on the ethics of freedom of speech? — Joanie Hammes