We found out recently that the Chinese government is going to start having strict controls over all the blogging going on.  They are requiring everyone to register with their real names and identification cards!

People are very upset saying that it violates freedom to expression, and enforces penalties including prison.

According to Wired, China has the world’s second-biggest population of Internet users after the United States, with 137 million people online. It also has some 20 million blogs, according to government figures.

We think it’s good to make certain everything we see is not harmful in anyway, but if this took place in the states, some of my favorite blogs would be no longer.  I like harsh opinions, and I like when people take a stand, but if everyone had to report their name to the government before saying what they say online, these opinions would keep to themselves.

On the other hand, some are saying this will control spin.  With more truth and less opinion there is not a lot of room for play.

What do you think?  Is this positive in any way?  Or does it just confirm that China loves their communist ways?