Blog written by Courtney Lawrence

“The Morning Show” (unsure of which one exactly) is looking for individuals who were spanked as a child, and as a result, now suffer sexual problems.  This seems completely legit to me, it was posted on

Do parents make so many mistakes raising their kids that everything from the foods they feed them, the amount of TV they allow them to watch, and the friends they let their kids play with have such a lasting effect on the way they lead their lives as adults?  Absolutely, those may not be considered mistakes, but they definitely influence the decisions and directions children take as they get older.  However, where is the tie between a simple spanking and an adulthood of sexual problems?  How can they spin this to be a direct correlation to your current problem?

As a nation we’re so quick to seek therapy and blame others for our problems that “The Morning Show” probably won’t have trouble finding people to fit this topic.  I can’t imagine the studies and research that went into finding this link to actually have producers seek participants. 

But, if you want to blame your parents and get back at them on national television, go ahead and send in your name, phone number, story, and picture to the Hotmail email address.  Don’t worry about your own personal embarrassment, that’ll show ‘em.