First children toys now Starbucks can kill?

Well, I might have gone too far on that note, but why am I just now hearing about this?

Being a PR professional and all, when I heard about the life risks of my expensive addiction I had to find out more.

Starbucks had to recall 250,000 cups sold at their stores after seven reports and chokings — with no reported deaths — came in.  Apparently these kiddy-cups were breaking and small pieces where causing injury and in two cases choking children.

This is where responsible PR comes in, and for the purposes of F.A.D.S.:  “How to make it so things don’t blow up in your face” is clearly number one.  Because, with 250,000 cups being refunded at $6 apiece, and with them offering a free drink for any troubles and scare, means they are out $3,000,000, even for an empire, that seems like a nice enough chunk of change to go unnoticed.  (Yes, I can do math too.)  At least they did something about before any faces turned permanently blue!

Moral of the story for consumers, look for tags that say “Made in America”, at least you know they are dangerous before buying them.  — Molli Megasko