With all the flack going on in the world today leaving people questioning the boundaries of PR, it’s wonderful to see communication campaigns that are sparking good in people and creating something bigger than themselves. 


When I came across the Replanting the Rainforest blogger and viral campaign I was thrilled at what they are trying to accomplish.  By reaching out to their online community they are asking everyday people like you and me to write about their project. 


The Earth Day Birthday end goal is “to create 250 Million acres of Sustainably Managed, Permanent Rainforest Habitats by 2020, the 50th birthday of Earth Day”.  By understanding the power of the people they are turning their media relations over to us one birthday at a time. 


Here is a chance to truly track the effect of social media campaigns.  Tune in on Earth Day, April 22 to see if this year’s goal of one million dollars was reached on behalf of all the citizen journalists.


Check out this example of what this campaign is all about.  Watch this video presentation on reforestation and then tell me you don’t want to be a part of this — a part of something bigger.