They don’t stand a chance. There is no way they can beat the Celtics. Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, and Kevin Garnett, and who do the Bulls have? These are all jabs taken at the Bulls before the opening round series had begun. I admit, I was one of those haters.

After winning yesterday in double overtime they are sitting pretty going back to Boston with the series tied at two games apiece. As well as the Bulls are playing, it’s still tough to get someone to pick the upset, even locally around Chicago. Is the Chicago media just waiting to say “I told you so,” or “we all knew this was too good to be true” – COME ON!!!
I am not even a Bulls or NBA fan, not since I had to start watching players such as Ron Artest, or Stephon Marbury to name a few and I believe the Bulls can knock off the defending champs. Let’s get behind our team here in Chicago. Too many times we look at the negative and it gets exploited in the media. The Bulls are playing their hearts out in this series.

The boys on ESPN last night went around the desk choosing who they thought would come out on top in this series and it drove me nuts. Some of them had smiles, some didn’t even hesitate, but they all still took Boston. I can tell you right now, as much as the Chicago media is continuing to criticize the head coach of the Chicago Bulls, Vinny Del Negro, he has his team playing on all cylinders and they have Ben Gordon going for them. He is no MJ, but you can’t ask him what he’s done lately, he knows, and he is feeling it from just about anywhere on the court.

Chicago fans and media were all ready to write him off, as Ben Gordon (BG) is rumored to sign a big-time deal elsewhere, deservingly so, by proving to be a premier scorer in the NBA and a big time performer with the game on the line.

To me, the Bulls are doing a great job, taking all the bad press, all the doubt, all the hate, and jelling as a great young team with a few seasoned veterans in there too. I can’t wait until the Bulls own media market has to eat their own words, including me, after the Bulls knock off the defending champs.

I mean do you really want to see a camera pan on Kevin Garnett throughout the playoffs showing him lip a few words that might cause his own mother to mail him a bar of soap? Not me.