Giving out free hugs can land you a spot on Oprah?

Not necessarily, but she is a big fan of this international phenomenon.  In Friday’s Chicago Tribune there was an article about people getting together, standing on sidewalks, and holding signs that read, “FREE HUGS”.

No, this is not an ad campaign for diapers; it’s real people wanting to cheer up everyone’s day.

Are we as a world so starved for human touch that we will embrace strangers on the street for some connection?   Although I would feel a bit strange going up to a man on the street, hugging him, and walking away, I can’t help but feel inspired when I read this story.  It touches me — in an emotional way — knowing there are people out there who aren’t asking for anything but to brighten our day.

There is no catch; there is no spin; that is why I like it.  It is refreshing to hear such a beautiful story inspired by an Australian man in an airport.

This is living proof that paying it forward can land you a spot in the paper … or at least on YouTube.