As a diehard fan of the Chicago Cubs and Major League Baseball (ML, it brings me almost to tears to have to write something bad about the MLB. As I have been reading lately in the news when it comes to the indicted Barry Bonds, I can’t help getting upset when I read things about how it will be Barry Bond’s friends that are the cause of him getting indicted. Several questions have came across my mind through the entire year as Barry became ever so close week after week of breaking the great Henry “Hammerin Hank” Aaron’s all time home run record. What’s taking the MLB so long to test Barry or as my dad used to call him, “The Jewelry Man”, for his excessive amount of gold chains he would wear while playing in a game? Once a month you would hear breaking news of other “smaller named” players testing positive, why not Barry? Who is he paying to not be tested? Why would such a highly recognized organization and America’s past time sport wait so long to challenge a man that has been lying to the entire world? It must be his friends that are the cause of this or says The Denver Post in a story that ran November 23, last Friday. I am reminded of the old saying, “if I told you to jump off a bridge would you do it?” I will not believe the media on this one, nor will I allow the media to direct me into believe wrong information, especially when it comes to my love for the game of baseball. The media has continued to persuade me along with every other baseball fan that Barry is innocent and it is the people around him that have brought him down. Why not believe the courts or do as I do and blame “This Bud’s for you Selig”, the commissioner of the MLB. The day that he is out of the commissioner spot will be a great day for baseball. Let’s not forget about how he allowed a tie game in a baseball All-Star game a couple years ago. Bud Selig called the game because he didn’t want any of the pitchers to get hurt for the remainder of the season. Now Selig has Barry Bonds on his commissioner era as well. It just kills me to know that a man that has lied in front of a federal grand jury saying he did not take performance enhancing drugs still has a chance to continue to play again this coming 2008 season according to The Denver Post. Barry is old, can’t run or play in the field, but is still holding out for money which some team is going to cough up to him so he will put fans in the seats. Do people really want to come see a cheater play? If he comes to the Chicago Cubs, which is highly unlikely, I will go to every game dressed up as a human steroid. But don’t forget, it was his friends that are going to be the cause for Barry getting indicted or says the media in their evil spinning tricks. Maybe it should be the fault of a man who allegedly took steroids or the man who contains a forehead the size of a basketball, not his friends. – Thomas Short