The media is taking a good cause, and spinning it for their own agenda.  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you “going green” and how the media can turn a civic duty into creating a miracle.

The final Harry Potter book has gone green, woowoo!  That might be the best thing about the book due to the fact that it is junk printed on recycled junk.  (Not a Potter fan)  Not only is Harry Potter going green, but it seems everyone in the United States is too, including schools, hospitals, the Academy Awards, and yes, the San Francisco Giants!  (Bonds swears to only use natural enhancers from now on.  Ha.)

Now I am not bashing the “green wave.”  I’m glad that we are finally coming to the conclusion that the earth is in trouble and we need to make changes for the future.  (And it took Al Gore to open our eyes.)  What gets to me is the way that going “green” is more of a buzz word than a sincere attempt to help the environment.

Think about it.  The news about the final Potter book is not the fact that it is the final book that draws the series to a conclusion; it is the damn paper that is being used.  Once again, I am happy about the environmental thought.  I, however, do not care for Scholastic Inc., the publisher of the book, trying to boost sales by making a “deluxe” edition that uses 100 percent recycled paper.  Of course people are going to buy the book, Scholastic Inc. just won the popularity contest.

Businesses in the United States are now jumping on the new trend.  So I decided to look up what people are saying on going green.  It disturbs me.  What I am seeing are articles and blogs saying to “go green to save money.”  What I do not see are articles saying to “go green, save Earth.”  The media for the business industry might not spin going “green” as a way to please consumers, but they are still missing the point.

Doing things for the environment should be a requirement, not something to be praised about or used to make a dollar.  I think as PR people, we should find other ways of creating stories.  It is a great thing for people to care about the environment.  I just do not see it as a story.

This blog was written on 100 percent electronic paper.  I’m telling the world! — Andrew Smith

Editor’s Note: I AM a Harry Potter fan, but in an effort to remain transparent, none of Andy’s opinions have been modified.  Plus his last line is hysterical.