When Israel Hyman and his wife left on their trip to Hawaii, they had no idea that a goodbye “Tweet” would cause them to become victims of burglary.  But he believes that when he informed his Twitter followers he was off on vacation, that opened the door (no pun intended) for an opportunity for someone to rob him.

Not only was his entire Twitter network aware that he was out of town, but his Twitter account also automatically updates his Facebook status, letting that many more people know he wasn’t home.  Obviously no one is blaming Twitter, but are we saying too much on our online forums?  People share everything from products that work great, to a good restaurant, to what they ate for breakfast.  

Facebook and Twitter are great sites to share information and spark conversation but a lot of people go too far.  Many people read your “tweets” and it’s not just the people following you.  While that might be great for letting the world know that you can’t live without a certain type of lawn disease killer, it might not be the best place to confess your love for your significant other or that you’ll be on an island for a long period of time and no one will be home.

Once you’ve posted something it’s out there for the world to see.