Heather Mills, another celebrity famous for being famous has long been an annoying media hound. She is Paul McCartney’s estranged wife and thinks she has been branded by the media as a “gold digger” and a “fantasist.”  She recently appeared on both “Today” and “Good Morning America” to talk about how the media has been “so mean to her, man.”  What are her PR people doing to quiet her down you ask? Her publicist has since resigned after her ranting interviews.

Heather, why are you biting the hand that feeds you? The only reason you are famous is because the media has made you! When asked about her divorce she said, “I’m gagged at the moment because I’m not allowed to say a word while the media are fed this spin by a certain corner.” Excuse me Heather, if you were really gagged about anything you would not be bringing your woes onto national television. It is Heather who is spinning the press here by revealing her shady past and subjecting herself to such “ridicule”.  If she had ignored the press from the beginning, like her estranged Beatle, she would not be hated so much by the media. Heather needs to get off the late night couches, stop complaining, and repeat the phrase “silence is golden”. — Kristina Burn