Blog written by Elizabeth Holland

Going green has become the new issue of importance with the rise of campaigns for environmental awareness. Subsequently, environmentally focused newspaper columns and Web sites have emerged to educate the consumer on how they can live a “greener” lifestyle – and it’s catching on.

You have seen everything from green designers environmentally safe products green wedding dressesand the list goes on. Yet, I have often been torn at the grocery store deciding between products and the authenticity of their eco-friendly claims.

Seems I am not the only one questioning green marketing initiatives. Advertising Age reports that the Federal Trade Commission is reevaluating their guidelines for eco-friendly messaging. Considering that they were created in 1992 I would say it is about time. Hopefully some clarifications can be reached to limit unsubstantiated environmental claims. Because after all even if a water bottle is 30% less plastic does that make it “eco-friendly”?

Nevertheless, I like to focus on the positive side of things. PR professionals can make a positive impact with marketing genuine products and partnering with environmentally – focused organizations. Also, they can strategically guide companies in creating or evaluating current green initiatives and messaging along authentic principles. Ultimatelythis only promotes environmental awareness.

With the “going green” bandwagon busting at the seams it seems as though everyone is trying to have the greenest grass on the block.