Over the past couple years posting on FADS I have come to find that spin can appear in all shapes and sizes.  Spin doesn’t hate against color or race or religion or class.  But how do you spot spin?  The real question is; how do you know when you’re being spun? 


Truth, is you don’t. 


Some types of spin can be easy to uncover and can be seen in forms close to a lie.  But evil spin can catch you off guard. 


See, evil spin has despiteful creators behind it.  This is the kind of spin that takes the statistics, findings, or quotes and manipulates them to work in their advantage.


It’s up to us to stay smart on topics and continue to question.  Fifty-four percent of Americans say they do not trust what the read in the media, according to market research firm, Harris Interactive, so it is on us to get smarter.


We want to know more.  Share your spin stories us, large and small.