1. Thinks, as PR people, we are flacks?

2. Thinks it’s our job to be biased and provide only select information to reporters about our client’s products or services?

3. Thinks it’s our job to provide the best information with the most transparency?

4. Thinks it’s okay to be called “spin doctors”?

5. Isn’t embarrassed by the recent articles from Wired and the New York Times about our profession?

6. Thinks it’s ridiculous that even though Wiki acknowledges PR professionals can provide the most accurate information about clients, products, and services, won’t let us post to their Web site?

7. Would be willing to walk away from money if it meant you didn’t agree your client’s product or service really was the best out out there?

8. Wants to do something about the perception? 

9. Is willing to advocate for PR professionals?

10. Wants to join in on doing PR for the PR profession?