We can’t have a Grey Goose fountain or limo transportation? It’s devastating when I read the news and come across entertainment and celebrity news about how it’s a bummer that companies that usually go all out for their holiday parties have to cut back due to the economy this year.

Several companies are moving their company holiday celebrations until after the New Year, sounds like a great message; fire a couple employees here and there, cut out a department, and in the New Year role out the red carpet for a belated party. Here’s a thought, dip into 2009’s finances and save a department and jobs in 2008. According to a great article in The Wall Street Journal, there are lots of suggestions and tips to still celebrate on a low budget in 2008.

Don’t get me wrong I am no Scrooge, I love pretending to be high class for a night, hanging out at a high class restaurant waiting for the occasional coworker to enjoy too much “juice” and showing up the next day at work totally trying to play it off – priceless.

I am proud to be a part of a company that is focusing on the right goals; cutting back on office necessities while keeping employees happy and at the same time raising money to adopt needy families for food, clothing, and even a toy or two for a child. Let’s not forget that Thanksgiving and Christmas is not all about the glamour and glitz, it’s also about thinking outside of your needs and putting the spotlight on who really needs help.

This holiday season is going to be different, people are holiday shopping with coupons. Instead of worrying about a holiday party don’t you think it is more newsworthy to focus on tips for companies to save dollars to keep their employees, clients, and other assets going into 2009? Look at how many people are losing their jobs, do you think they are worried about a holiday party?

So if your company is suggesting cutbacks, its ok, have a potluck at your office with a boom box playing Chumbawamba, “I would walk 100 miles,” or if it was my decision Lil Wayne on repeat. An office party at your office is not the end of the world, you’ll be ok. Who doesn’t like dance parties in the conference room? Last Friday along with my colleagues we witnessed people in the building a crossed from us dancing in their cubicles and they were having a great time and it was just another Friday.