If you were paying close attention to the media last week, you may have noticed a report regarding the Collier County Sheriff’s Office in Tampa, Fla., releasing a bulletin about a dangerous new drug. What is this mystery new drug the sheriff found? Is it made from a plant? Not a chance.  Maybe common household chemicals? No way.

It’s made from…wait for it…

Human excrement.

That’s right. Human excrement. The Collier County Sheriff’s Office actually sent around a bulletin to educate their staff about this danger to their community. If you don’t believe me, you can see it here.

What is the world coming to? I don’t know what is worse, the fact that the sheriff’s office would put out a bulletin regarding “poop gas”, or that people would think its actual news. Either way, we have a long way to go if the officials in charge of keeping us safe can be spun into worrying about things like this. Maybe it is time to take a step back and try to sort out the actual things to be concerned with from the fake ones. In this case, and many others, the negative affects of spin could have been avoided just by using a little common sense. And I’d like to think that our law enforcement officers have plenty of common sense. After all, using a drug like that sounds like a load of the exact same thing. — Morgan Smith