If you are a mother or father that makes sure all your children are getting the right amount of nutrients in their every day diet by reading the food labels on cereal box or any kind of food, you won’t have to worry about checking their daily lead dosage if they chose to have “ugly teeth “as a part of their Halloween costume. According to Bulldog Reporter’s Daily’ Dog one of the China’s latest toy recalls, “ugly teeth” were recalled late Halloween day by the Consumer Product Safety Commission to warn people that the fake teeth sold by tens of thousands over the past year had contained excessive amounts of lead. Instead of making a news breaking announcement halting kids or even adults from using the fake teeth, the commission announced the recall in a late breaking morning news release. In most cases the media spins people by either over loading you with information or persuading you to make a judgment call on a certain topic. However would the situation regarding lead-full fake teeth result in a spun situation? I think so, in this case, the audience was not given enough of the right information. Which I find really interesting and funny because I usually get so overloaded with spin trying to make the decisions for me. It is very easy to get sucked into the world of spin whether it is political campaigns, sports, or heck even fake ugly teeth. Finding the right information is one, if not, the most important thing in news and in this case the media screwed us by not having any information at all. I am not really certain what continues to occur in the factories. When I think of this whole situation I find myself asking one question. Is there a station on the assembly line that has a giant lead gun that shoots extra amounts of lead into the toys? How does this keep happening? According to Daily Dog, Toys “R” Us, along with several other toy distributors have recalled about 16,000 Chinese-made elite
operations because of the amount of lead found in the toys.

I am glad I decided to be a cowboy and not a monster with bad dental problem or I wouldn’t have to be checking my lead levels on the cereal box for a couple years. Thanks to the chemistry professor at Ashland University, located in Ohio, was testing several Halloween items for lead content according to the Daily Dog. The professor came across the fake ugly teeth where the conclusion was made that the teeth contained more than 100 times the legal amount for lead in a particular item. – Tom Short