Blog written by Maggie Hassler

I was reading Lodging Magazine, when I came across a great example of a newsworthy symbiotic relationship.  Hotel Sax Chicago joined forces with Microsoft’s experimental branding team to create “The Studio — experience by Microsoft,” an interactive entertainment lounge that offers Hotel Sax guests access to the newest technologies available.

The Studio is open seven days a week at NO CHARGE to guests.  The lounge is run by a technology butler, a hotel employee trained by Microsoft.  The butler understands how each product works as well as how they can be used together.  For Microsoft, The Studio is a unique, interactive showcase of what Microsoft technology can do as well as how different products can interact with each other to create a more exciting experience.  The Studio also distinguishes Microsoft as a diversifying consumer product company and Hotel Sax as a leader in guest service technologies.

The Studio sets Hotel Sax apart from other hotels.  The hi-tech lounge is a unique experience that Hotel Sax offers free to its guests, creating an upscale and memorable experience.  It also enables the hotel to conduct completely unique guest services and special events featuring entertainment technology such as themed movie nights or Guitar Hero competitions.  The one-of-a-kind lounge connects with people and provides great story opportunity for local and national media in the technology and hospitality industries.