Blog written by Maggie Hassler

According to a recent study by Northwestern University, “teens find online news stressful and a reminder of danger.” More than 65 teenagers in the Chicago-land area participated in the study about online news experiences for teenagers, admitting to only reading news articles if it catches their eye.

The report suggests that news organizations should promote teen audiences by 1) learning what appeals to them and 2) creating ways teens can talk about the news on frequented Web sites.

Although these suggestions seem basic, they are beneficial suggestions for the PR industry to consider. As professionals it is our responsibility to provide media outlets with stories that readers find interesting.

When catering PR efforts toward teens, it might be in the best interest of the news and PR industries to consider traditional sources as conversation starters for the more popular social media.  As innovators it is our responsibility to coordinate the uses of traditional and social media.  Links from frequented sights to online news is the first step; starting conversations on blogs and social networking sites is the next.  There are many more steps that need to be taken to dispel the teens’ negative association with news, but let’s all start here!