Blog written Thomas Short

Every year, the same month and day we are supposed to give thanks to our planet. April 22 marks the official “Earth Day” that dates back to 1970 where Senator Gaylord Nelson, a native of Wisconsin, is given credit for the idea of Earth Day. Typically this is a time for environmental groups, organizations, and schools, all over the globe to participate in saving the planet by putting a stop to pollution, global warming, endangered species, and of course, continuing to recycle.

While all these activities are taking place throughout the later part of the month of April, the students at the University of Colorado at Boulder seem to go about their three “R’s” in a different direction. Rather than giving our planet a big hug, 2,500 students have spun Earth Day by combining it with national marijuana day, a.k.a. 4/20. The students gather in a common area and count down the minutes until they can indulge in a left-handed cigarette with their follow classmates.


I’m no environmentalist, but usually by the end of a massive college gathering, students are not walking around picking up recyclables or in this case, empty Oreo or pizza containers. Instead of students cleaning up their university, or volunteering to clean up the surrounding communities, they polluted their university in more than one way. Several students were interviewed as to why they were attending the Earth Day celebration and replied while laughing and attempting to sustain conscience, “I don’t know.” I can only image if kids get a hold of the video or pictures online. There will be a new meaning to them of what Earth Day is.

However, there was one positive outcome form the event; several students did register to vote.