Talk about no spin at all.  Simon Cowell, judge and one of the minds behind the hugely popular American Idol show can never be accused of putting spin on anything he says. 

Blunt and honest define each and every of Simon’s comments—that’s part of what has made the show what it is. Paula Abdul, however, is a different story.  I find it annoying but yet I support Simon in his quest to pin Paula down to a less-positive o r more honest review when a contestant’s performance warrants it. Thousands of kids audition for the chance to be on the show and it’s just a fact of life they have to accept if they want to get into the music business and, if they make it to the final 24 or even fewer, they have to be able to accept criticism graciously.  Those four judges are experts in the field and although tough to take some time, isn’t an honest assessment better than something all fluffed up or muddled to where no one is really sure what the feedback was about? Stay tuned to this week’s shows to see how brutally honest Simon is this week.