As health awareness continues to infiltrate culture today, many wonder whether the right message is being sent or whether people are taking the health craze too far.  This obsession has even made its way into the world of Girl Scout Cookies.  
            Celebrating its 90th Anniversary, Girl Scouts have initiated change to their famous cookie recipe by taking out all the trans fat, still emphasizing the great taste.  Most people would think this means that buying a few boxes of the new cookies would be an improvement from the one box that they used to buy because it doesn’t have trans fat.  But what about all the other ingredients in cookies such as sugar? Or carbs?  
            This type of campaigning is misleading because people think they are buying something healthful when, in reality, they are still buying cookies.  Unless these bakers are magicians and have figured out a way to remove all the calories or cholesterol-casing ingredients from these cookies, they are still not good for you.  
         This type of promotion would also lead to some people believing they could buy double or more of the amount they used too because they believe they are being health-conscious. Although it is very important to be mindful of one’s health it’s hard to do so when cookies are on the table.  Will the concern for the actual dietary value be lost forever?