Three years ago, Matt Leinart was at the top of his game.  Selected in the top 10 of the 2006 draft, winner of the coveted Heisman Trophy as a junior, and had acheived celebrity status.  Now, three years later, he’s going to Super Bowl XLIII.  Just not in the exact position he hoped.

The media surrounding the Arizona Cardinals backup quaterback can’t get enough of this fallen hero.  The fact is, he’s young, talented, and achieved more than most could ever hope for.  His career isn’t over, how many people can say they were part of a football team that went to a Super Bowl?  The media shouldn’t be the judge.  Yes, he likes to have a good time, but he can still play the game.

During press day, the media  hoped to hear Leinart talk badly about being the backup and what he once was and actually refer to him as “the forgotten man”.  But, he responded the way anyone grateful would, that while yes, he wishes he could start he still is on a great team in the Super Bowl.

Many quarterbacks are forgotten or benched and come back, and the media needs to realize he can still play.  Many thought Warner should throw in the towel, and now look at him.  Donovan McNabb was benched and again, the media assumed his career was over.  Craig Morton was forgotten and lead the Broncos to a Super Bowl (albeit they lost), but great things can happen when the media gives up on you.