Wal-Mart can’t spin its way out of this one – workers in Pennsylvania just won a second suit against the company for working off the clock.

When reports of forced unpaid overtime first surfaced, the megastore denied workers’ claims. But now, rather than trying to duck their heads, Wal-Mart has said that a few extra minutes of extra work here and there is insignificant, according to Associated Press reports. They even went so far to claim that employees CHOOSE to work for free.

Right. Because being a cashier or stockperson at Wal-Mart is everyone’s dream. Family, friends – they can wait.

Is Wal-Mart even trying anymore? I was hesitant to write this blog entry, because I can’t decide if that’s spin or just plain arrogance.

Maybe the company should use some of the money they’ve saved by installing CFL bulbs in their stores to pay their workers a fair wage. — Brigitte Lyons