Blog written by Ayanna Green

L.A. Johnson with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette wrote an article about a Web site claiming to measure political integrity.  The website uses a rating tool designed by David Gruder, a psychologist.  On Dr. Gruder’s website his Integrity Watch blog.  He developed this blog because the political world is full of so much spin that the public needs an education in what “integrity truly involves so they can separate spin from fact.”  is

I think this is fantastic.  Dr. Gruder has developed a Political Integrity Rating Tool (PIRT) in which there are 10 key dimensions of politician integrity.  They are authenticity, accountability, life balance, teachability, vision, problem solving, fiscal responsibility, stewardship, synergy and communication.

I have noticed myself and many others become numb to the amount of destructive spin in the media.  Numb because there is no way to express our outrage, no way to say enough is enough.  I think Dr. Gruder’s tool is a start; a way to systematically deal with the overload of spin.

Our Web site is about fighting destructive spin.  It’s nice to know there are other people out there with similar concerns.