Guest blog written by Molli Megasko

I am sick of having to defend the good in public relations and I am sick of spin, period.  So when I heard about a man living at IKEA I was thrilled that this fun, positive PR was making headlines!

Mark Malkoff, New York comedian and filmmaker, needed a place to stay while his apartment is being fumigated for cockroaches (gross), and thought, “what better place to live than a store?”

Now this guy is everywhere!  Not only is he filming his little adventure, he is on MySpace, Facebook, has his own Web site dedicated to the six days he is living there, made it as one of the most popular videos on the CNN Web page, and even his day job as a ticket handler at Comedy Central’s “The Colbert Report” is getting press.

This is what good public relations strive to do.  It’s fun, personal, it’s getting great publicity for all parties involved, and it is nothing but the raw truth. 

So how do you measure the ROI for the risk IKEA took?  Simple, let’s take a look at the sales increase over the next month.