Blog written by Thomas Short

I came a crossed an interesting social media blog the other day discussing the importance of blogging and whether or not PR firms are participating in the highly social media world we live in. The blog was about a man who runs an agency and believes his agency should blog, but has been told by “experts” he should not. I understand it may depend on the audience you are trying to reach, but that is exactly the point as well. There are many business professionals that look at blogs as a great opportunity to show your organization’s culture, views, and most importantly how your business participates in change. In order for your business to grow and compete, you need to adapt to change in the business environment.

Invincible, this troubles me. How can you grow by staying invincible? I don’t get that and I would like to hear an “expert” convince me how staying invincible can benefit an organization. Blog writing is just one of several ways to create brand name awareness. Blog writing gives your audience and consumers another reason to interact or report with your agency. The only thing or someone who should be attempting an invincibility act is Sam Zell, of the Chicago Tribune, for the fear of his life. With times changing, social media is a big part of business success. Whether you enjoy blogging or not, you better get on board, because customers and clients who believe social media promotes their products or services are increasing by the day.