Game Daily Biz wrote an op-ed last week about PR manipulation.  While a very funny, very well written article, Mr. Media Coverage discussed how to manipulate reporters in order to get your story covered.


Some of the examples were pretty decent, “don’t send gifts”, “do give exclusive angles”, and “don’t talk to the boss”, nearly all of his examples could be considered bribery.  


The story, “PR Manipulation 101: How to Get Good Coverage for Bad Games” is a very witty take on how to get your client’s product mentioned by an industry reporter.  


I’m having a hard time determining whether or not he’s serious.  I’m also having a hard time determining what he thinks would work (a media tour in Hawaii) or what wouldn’t work (“I’m in no position to receive any of these goodies”).  But what I can determine is he believes very few “PR folks have mastered this talent”.


Go back to basics.  Read the publications that you are pitching.  Know what the reporter you’re working with will cover.  Be helpful.  And always provide ethical, un-biased research or background information to avoid being labeled a spinster.