I am certain everyone has heard by now that paying $1,000 for a pizza is no joke.  There is such thing as a Luxury Pizza, and people are eating it up; well, at least one person is.

Nino Selimaj, the owner of Nino’s Bellisima Pizza in New York, tops his pizza with fresh lobster, different kinds of caviar, and some of the world’s best cheeses, making each of the slices of pie worth $125.  Selimaj says he came up with this idea more than a year ago, and is claiming that it is not a publicity stunt.  He truly believes there is a demand for this Luxury Pizza.

For the past few days I could not turn on the TV or go on the Internet without hearing of this $1,000 pizza.  With hits on CNN, Bill Maher, Late Night, an endless amount of stories and news releases, I would call this PR campaign a success.

So regardless of whether or not Selimaj is telling us the truth, he knows the concept of word-of-mouth.  And I wish him the best of luck on selling these extravagant pies.

All I know is that if I were to spend $1,000 on a pizza, it better be topped with diamonds. — Molli Megasko