Blog written by Lindsay Brown

Each year during the Super Bowl I get excited about a great football game, the creative commercials and the highly-anticipated half-time show.  This year, however, I wasn’t as excited as I’ve been in the past.  Perhaps because I’m not a huge Giants or Patriots fan (despite Tom Brady in a pair of football pants).

One thing I noticed while watching the Super Bowl this year was the lack of celebrity involvement in the commercials.  Could it be that brands are afraid of what a celebrity would do for their reputation?  I look back to Britney Spears as Pepsi’s spokesperson a few years back during the Super Bowl.  WOW!  She was the hottest star at the time.  She was successful, beautiful, and sexy.

What happened?

Companies are becoming smarter with who they choose to represent their brand for obvious reasons.  I believe this is why we saw an abundance of rodents and critters in Super Bowl commercials this year.  By using a critter, companies don’t have to worry about a reputation.  Also, endorsing a rodent doesn’t cost $2.5 million.