With all the talk about living healthier lives by eating right, PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, took a large step over the line. In a video created for one of the ever-so-pricey and popular Super Bowl spots, PETA mixed sexy girls in lingerie with vegetables. Great combination to educate people on how to keep their new year’s resolutions going, but do models live healthy lives? Do vegetables really have more sex-appeal than chicken breast?

Yes, sex does sell, beauty and grooming products do it daily through advertisements and it has been going on for years – I watch “Mad Men,” I know how it all got started. But are we really stooping that low to try to get kids, teens, and adults to eat more veggies? What is PETA basing this of off? In the commercial, between oils, and girls groping broccoli, carrots, pumpkins, and other vegetables, they say, ’studies show’ that vegetarians have better sex lives” – what studies? I think they knew this ad would not make the cut and create a bigger splash in the news because it didn’t air – way to use the media in your favor to spin a message.

I think we do need to continue to drill into adults that we need to eat right and that healthy lifestyles are good for our children. Meat is a solid choice for a lot of nutrients when it is consumed correctly and taking that away by becoming a full blown vegetarian is not the answer to eating healthy. It is true that vegetarians eat healthy, consuming more greens and veggies than average Joe, but does that make them better people or better lovers?

Here’s a thought, stop eating Big Mac’s – that’s a good start to a healthier life.