Spin is not simply twisting a story to reach the desired outcome.  Spin can also be leaving out certain details to make for a better argument.  We learn that in debate class in high school — highlight the good facts and ignore the bad ones.

So why are people shocked about Michael Moore’s new film Sicko, coming out this Friday, June 29?

We all know Moore is a controversial film director, but this new documentary of his is driving up more force than Fahrenheit 9/11

This “one-sided attack”, also known as spin, has got a lot of wheels in motion, with speculations of a rebuttle from pharmaceutical manufacturing companies.

Is there ever a time that “spinning” something can be good if it raises awareness of a not-so-good thing? 

Or are we immune to “Hollywood spinners” and expect some spin in order to make a buck, or save face?

I have not seen the film and I won’t judge until I truly know both sides.  I do know one thing ; I can’t wait for him to do a film on the high price of women’s fashion.  – Molli Megasko