Being the avid sports spectator that I am, I turn my focus to the NBA playoffs, especially the series involving the Cleveland Cavaliers.  I started to notice something that TNT does during its broadcast.  And so far it has not failed.  The situation goes as follows: The ref makes a horrible call, and instead of showing a replay of the incident, TNT has their commentators move on.  Cleveland was visiting the New Jersey Nets and as unbiased as I possibly could be, the refs were trying to give the game to the home team by making “delayed calls”, “phantom calls”, or even “no calls whatsoever.” 

Now, to make this a non-sports blog, I started to think of the NBA as entertainment.  And I noticed a trend.  The commissioner of the NBA has this sort of “edited” version of all the broadcasts.  ESPN, and TNT, and any other sports station for that matter, do not shine a light on situations that look bad for the sport.  Why can’t a commentator say, “That was a horrible call and that referee is favoring one team or another”? 

I think letting bad calls go like that, without a commentator mentioning it, is a form of spin.  What do you think?  Is letting something go unnoticed, that could swing a game one way or another, a way that NBA maintains a good image?  Even if it is a blatantly horrible call, some commentators go as far as to say that it was a good call.  Once again, is this spin?  Or just an angry viewer?

Maybe I am looking too deeply into this, but I was aggravated listening to commentators not say anything about the officiating.  This goes for all the games I have watched for the playoffs.  — Andrew Smith