Although it’s not May yet, it seems like everyone has weddings on the brain. This may be due to the fact that I just celebrated my first anniversary and one of my best friends is engaged, but even Daily Candy is putting out its wedding guides.

When I finished planning my wedding a year ago, I was convinced I wanted to become a wedding planner. I loved pulling everything together, no doubt because I’ve always loved event planning. No more PR for me, I was going to make beautiful, unique weddings for all the picky bridezillas of the world.

But I’m just not sure I could deal with working in an industry designed to rip people off. I don’t have it in me to convince a bride she needs favors at her wedding, because I’ve thrown away every single favor I’ve received (sorry friends). And imagine the trail of offended brides I’ll leave in my wake, when I tell them they look bad in a strapless dress (makes most women look like a hunchback).

See my point? I may be blunt, but I’m just not heartless enough to join the ultimate spin factory – the wedding industry. — Brigitte Lyons