Blog written by Kristina Burn

When I hear of celebrities going to the hospital or rehab, I tend to roll my eyes and look the other way. But when I heard about Academy Award-nominated Australian actor, Heath Ledger I was heartbroken to find such a talented young actor had passed. He was most notable for his remarkable role in the film, Brokeback Mountain.

So where is the spin in this tragic story you ask? It has nothing to do with Ledger, but with the sleep-assisting drug, Stilnox which was found surrounding the body of Ledger. Because this drug was found at his untimely death, the pill is getting a lot of negative attention from the press. I’m not advocating sleeping pills, nor am I going Tom Cruise and saying people don’t need medication to better their lives.

Even though toxicology reports are still being awaited whether the drug is linked to Ledger, the media are already spinning the story by mentioning the drug in association with his death. This is creating an immediate PR crisis for the pharmaceutical company. The press needs to get their facts straight before ruining the reputation of a pharmaceutical company who provides jobs for millions of people.