Is anyone personally accountable for his or her words and actions anymore?

The answer is “no” if you look to high profile, public leaders like departing World Bank president Paul Wolfowitz.

Why in the world is the head of the World Bank dating a bank employee in the first place, let alone securing a hearty compensation package for her?

When the truth came out, after far too many days in the headlines, Wolfowitz finally announced his resignation as of June 30th.

Whatever happened to words of contrition?

Instead of owning up to a major lapse in judgment and humbly sharing “how tough it is for the head of the World Bank to meet people because he works so much,” Wolfowitz steadfastly emphasizes that he is “pleased the Bank’s board has said he acted ethically.”

Just in case the sage judgment of the World Bank board is not enough of an endorsement, this week in an interview with the BBC, Wolfowitz denied that other employees had lost faith in his leadership.  Rather, he said  “an overheated atmosphere at the Bank and the media” caused his resignation.”

Sounds like the ozone layer also may be to blame.  — Shawn Kahle