Don Imus has returned to radio once more.  After being fired eight months ago for making comments against a women’s basketball team at Rutgers University, he is back to do what he does best — offend.

From the day he was fired from CBS he has accepted blame, and said he really did not mean to offend these women, who absolutely did not deserve to be made fun of.  He is grateful of their forgiveness, and understands that they will never forget what he said, as he never will either.

This radio show, is in fact his job, and three words back in April, cost him his job and the respect he had from many.  He is in the business to be vulgar and push the limits. CBS gave him a $40 million contract to do just that.  However, he crossed the line, and a big question is, does race have everything to do with it?  These Rutgers basketball players are a group of very talented students and athletes, and were embarrassed and ashamed not only by the context of what was said, but by the attention that was brought to them.

And now he’s back up and running, his show will be simulcast on cable’s RFD-TV which reaches nearly 30 million homes, and they hope to almost double that in the next two years.  Along with the new broadcast, Imus has hired two African American comedians to join his cast.  Is this to spin the fact that what he said wasn’t racist, he in fact, does not have anything against black people?  Or is this to cover his own butt, and they would only hire him back on if he did this gesture?

It’s amazing how much spin can happen when people claim they only tell it the way it is. — Courtney Lawrence