As the race for the presidential election continues, the second Republican debates heated up as politicians weighed in on important issues facing the nation and questioning each other’s allegiance to conservatism.  The debate was filled with discussion on controversial issues such as abortion, Iraq, and taxes.  The discussions were filled with contentiousness and repeated scrutiny about core values.  This debate was intended as an opportunity for candidates to communicate their fundamental positions and values   But they seemed to be lost amidst allegations and wavering opinions. 

Politicians are the quintessential PR spokespeople.  Every public appearance or discussion is an important opportunity for him or her to convey the message. Standing alone at a podium is their time to prove why they should be the next President.  They should be speak with conviction and uphold their principles, never changing for convenience.  This issue arose earlier this week as politicians threw accusations of irresolute stances and inadequate allegiances to party lines. 

So where does that leave these politicians in the race for presidency?  — Betsy Glynn