Blog written by Courtney Lawrence

One of the first things to remember in public relations is do not lie.  If you don’t lie, you don’t have to spin and it is imperative to be honest with your clients about their goals, deliverables, expectations, and outreach.  However, with that being said Harrow Communications, a PR company out of Oakland Calif. claims they have the insider tips to get you on “Oprah”.

Sure, every client dreams of an outlet like that for the world to hear about their product, but most PR agencies know not to Promise “Oprah”, even though most clients ask if their PR agency can get them on her show.

When it comes down to it, her tips all sound great, and they are something you should do for every single one of your clients.  Considering Oprah’s producers get over 15,000 pitches every day, your pitch needs to be perfect, catchy, and outstanding.

Some tips include:

  • Get ready for your pitch.  Easy enough, prepare for the audience you are pitching to , you can’t pitch to an audience or publication that you are not familiar with.
  • Another one is, create a press kit.  Hopefully your PR agency has one of these for you already, so easy enough.
  • Next, pitch an expert and compelling story.  You wouldn’t go to a small town paper without a story, so seems only fitting you would have a story and an expert to pitch to “Oprah” as well.

All of this seems like common sense and something you should be doing for every single one of your clients.  However, if Harrow Communications wants to promise that they can get me on “Oprah”, I think I have something to talk about that is compelling, and I can even be the expert.  Now, if only they could get me on her favorite things show!