I must give credit to Quiznos.  On March 2, 2009 I shared my frustration when I tried to redeem a coupon I printed from the Quiznos Web site for a free sub offered in the Quiznos Million Sub Giveaway.  My frustration was that I couldn’t find a Quiznos that was participating in the promotion.  I received an e-mail apology from Quiznos that asked for my name and home address.  A couple of weeks later I received six (6) coupons from the Quiznos located closest to my home but none of the coupons were for the “free” sub.  I was disappointed and said I wouldn’t eat at Quiznos anytime soon.


I am happy to say I received a letter from Rebecca Steinfort, Chief Marketing Officer at Quiznos in Denver, CO.  In the letter she thanked me for registering for the Quiznos Million Sub Giveaway; said the response has been nothing short of overwhelming with over a million customers responding in just three days.  She apologized for the problem I experienced redeeming my coupon and most important to me personally she said and I quote “I’m committed to making it right for you.  Enclosed, please find a $5 gift card as an apology from all of us here at Quiznos.  I hope that you’ll come back and give us another chance to give you one of our toasty subs.”


I will respond to Ms. Steinfort formally but wanted to say that my faith has been restored in Quiznos.  I’m certain I became a major annoyance to Quiznos and they could have just waited until it blew over as I’m sure many companies would have done….but they didn’t.  They did the right thing (in my opinion) and apologized and gave the “free” sub that they originally promised.  They made it right.  Thank you Quiznos and I accept your apology and now I have a taste for a Turkey Bacon Guacamole sub.