Last Thursday I was traveling on business and had The Early Show on while I caught up on email before my first meeting.

Harry Smith interviewed Brenda Frese, the University of Maryland women’s head basketball coach, who is expecting twins in March.

First, shame on the PR department at Maryland for suggesting Brenda talk about what it’s like to coach a team while pregnant.

But doubly shame on Harry for the questions he asked:

  1. “What’s it like to have a coach that is so pregnant?” 
  2. “How pregnant are you?” 
  3. “You can’t travel, can you?  How do you deal with that?” 
  4. “What are you doing to do when they go to the NCAA tournament and you’re at home holding two babies?”

I’m surprised he didn’t ask Brenda what it’s like to have a husband who lets her work outside of the home.