Lately, the news has been filled with celebrity “news”, packed with fascinating stories about celebrity partying, shopping and mishaps.  Celebrity run-ins with the law are splashing across news pages with many repeat offenders.  Celebrities such as Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie are no exception to this.  They have been making headlines recently with their notorious driving.  As both celebrities have been found guilty for DUI’s, they continue to get behind the wheel of a car, enabling paparazzi to photograph their ignorance for the law.   Although these celebrities do have money and fame, they are not above the law.  It was not until being caught on suspended licenses that these celebrities faced the harsh reality of the law.  Nicole Ritchie was found guilty while driving under the influence of illegal substances (again) and Paris was caught driving with a suspended license; both of these incidents leave these girls with the possibility of jail time.

The wrong message is being sent out by these celebrities who do not take responsibility for their actions.   Their attitude and response to wrong-doings sends out a poor message to kids who look up to them.  In some ways, this behavior warrants similar behavior from kids, which is unacceptable.  Teens are more susceptible to the influence of others; they watch these celebrities continue their behavior because they are not punished to the full extent for their offenses. 

At the same time, these celebrities are being given what seems to be only a slap on the wrist.  The reprimand for these types of transgressions should be standard no matter how famous you are. 

Although no one wants to see these girls strutting around a jail in orange jumpsuits, it might be the right thing for kids to see that their behavior is not acceptable and that no crime goes unpunished.  Who knows, maybe they could even make their experience into a show:  “The Not So Simple Life: Jail”.