I’ve been a bit lazy on the #FollowFriday blogs the past couple of weeks…mostly because my travel schedule is insane and it’s usually mid-afternoon (like it is now) before I’ve been able to get to it. BUT…enough excuses! I have some new and old Twitter friends to introduce you to today.

@3HatsComm I actually met Davina first when she commented on FADS, which drove me to her Web site and to find her on Twitter. She’s a PR pro in Atlanta and writes a really smart blog about the industry and the changes social media is forcing. She recently talked about trying to ride the coattails of social media giants and link bait, and what it means to our industry. She’s a smart one!

@Kuru_Footwear I don’t remember how I initially came across Nate on Twitter, but we quickly became friends because he lives in my homestate of Utah. He helps run an active shoe company, which was founded by his college buddy. We have great discussions about running a business because he experiences a lot of the growing pains we go through. If you follow him, offer a congrats – he and his wife are expecting their first baby!

@nicklucido I met Nick through PRSA, when he was in Chicago doing a tour of agencies. He’s a senior at Michigan State, but did his internship at Edelman this summer. The thing I like most about him is he’s not afraid to connect with PR leaders and he’s a great networker. He once asked me how PR students can get ahead and I told him to use social media to connect with the right people. He said, “I’m going to tell our PRSSA chapter!” I have no doubt he did.

@jennifervides I recently met Jennifer and quickly connected with her because she’s as crazy about football as me (though she’s college and I’m NFL). She told me she didn’t really have a NFL team so I’ve recruited a new Bears fan! She even sent me a TwitPic of her son wearing a Bears shirt. YAY!  After I met her, I was stalking her online, reading her blog. She has this amazing post about how much she loves her kid. Check it out here. I dare you not to be inspired by it.

@zoeyjordan My recommendation for Zoey is long overdue. I met her through @jeffmello because she and @shandrab were calling him the Lemon and I thought that was really funny! Since then I’ve learned that Zoey is an amazing writer who gives of her talent willingly and graciously. Everytime I hear her name it’s because someone is singing her praises.

@shandrab Shandra is the founder of Shea-Noel, THE interior design firm in the South. She is wicked creative and her mantra is to give people a better place to live because of both her humor and her design work. You have to check out her Web site to discover where the name of the company originated.

@Ted_Striker32 I met Ted because he, too, is a Bears fan! He helped support me on NFL opening day when the Bears lost and I lost $50 to the Vegas line. Don’t let his enthusiasm for the Bears and Cubs fool you though. This man is going to change the world…literally all by himself.

@GRIPCOMMPR My first recollection of Greg is when his dad fell ill and he went to spend many weeks in Florida with him, until he was well enough to take care of himself. Since then I’ve learned that he is strong in the franchise PR world and that he thinks about new business the same way as me. What I like most about him, though, is his self-depracating humor.

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