Gini Dietrich

The Word "Spin" Does Not Exist!

By: Gini Dietrich | January 12, 2009 | 

My friend Eric Seidel is a professional media trainer who has worked both on the media side and the client side.  He has Fortune 100 experience and works with top executives.

He recently wrote a blog post called, “Get ‘spin’ out of your lexicon.” He goes on to say it’s bad for your business health because “reporters know when you’re spinning and they use it as motivation to really dig in their heels and come after you.”  Check out the post – it has a great case study via video about Jet Blue.

But this isn’t just for clients.  Yes, it’s our job to teach our clients how to work with the media, but it is not our job to teach them how to spin, lie, or evade the media.  Our job is not to spin.  Our job is to help our clients communicate with their customers via the media by being honest, open, and transparent.

Let’s do our jobs.

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  • You’re so right, Ginny. For too many years some people in our profession hid behind the spin doctor monicker (hey, it’s easier than getting an MD and almost sounds official). And boy did it give PR a bad name. In fact, a number of practices like incessant spinning, promising things you could never deliver, or hiding the client/cause you represent all hurt the industry – and especially the good (or great?) practitioners. And, like you said, if we all just ‘do the right thing’, it’s won’t be tough to wipe out.